Brita Water Filters – The Truth Behind Their Products

Water impurities have always been a source of major worry in any household or office premise mainly due to the fact that higher content of chlorine, lead, pesticides as well as other impure elements lead to severe health risk and may cause complications. This is when the water filters come in the foray. More than thousands of reputable water filters are available nowadays in the market to choose from, but not all are as efficient and effective as some. While some brands have managed to win hearts, most of the others have faltered. Talking about the reputable brands, the name of Brita water filter cannot be left behind. Regarded as the emerging leader of the water filter market, the brand is a worldwide famous name and has a plethora of products to offer.

History of the Company

Brita Company LogoThe history of the company goes back to 1966 when Brita was first launched. Though the company initially had to face a lot of hurdles, as is common with any new company, it overcame them all and managed to come out as a winner. While initially it was reported that the company often manufactured defective pieces and traces of chlorine were found in them, the next few years saw a drastic change in the techniques and methodologies applied by the company. The company seems to have crafted itself towards excellence in all these years and it is of little doubt why customers prefer the products of this specific brand to other products.

Products Offered By Brita

As mentioned earlier, Brita offers a diverse range of products with a complete focus on health. The brand focuses on both health as well as sustainability and has an equal focus on kids as well. This is the reason why it has separate product ranges for kids as well as adults. It has separate ranges of water pitchers, dispensers, filtering bottles, faucet filtration systems as well as replacement filters. Asides from these, there are filtered water bottles for kids whereby even tap water filled in the bottles will be filtered.

Benefits Of Brita Filters

The wide range of products offered by Brita has too many benefits. Let us go through some of them in detail:

  • Their water filters are made using well researched techniques and work wonders to remove contamination from the water. This is evident from the various customer reviews available on the official website of the company.
  • Their products are made with the use of advanced technology because of this they tend to retain the important minerals within the water, thereby maintaining the purity of the water.
  • Brita water filters are user-friendly and extremely simple to use. There are no complex processes involved. Moreover, they are available in a variety of designs, colors as well as features adding to the style.
  • More importantly, most of their products ranges from $10 to $50, thereby being pocket friendly and cost effective at the same time.

Popular Products listed in Amazon

Though there are various products manufactured by the brand, some of them deserve special mention due to their popularity and high demand. Let us discuss three of them here:

This water filter is sleekly priced at $22.99 and the brand claims that it can remove more than 98% contamination from the water. It is extremely good for removing lead and chlorine and its design takes away all the points. This apart, the filter easily can get inside the refrigerator and does not take much space.

The marina pitcher is made of electronic filter indicator and is available at a price of $32.99. Though many people feel that this particular filter is a bit overpriced when compared to the other products of the brand, it cannot be denied that Marina has an excellent customer rating with 4.6 out of 5 stars and is BPA free. The capacity of the filter is up to 8 oz and is very convenient to use.

While the Marina, pitched at $32.99 is considered as a high priced product, the Stainless Steel pitcher is a popular product even with a $47.99 price tag. The product is made of stainless steel and is resistant to fingerprints. Its super stylish design makes it a must buy product. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Customer Reviews

Most of the websites that sell the Brita water filters have given a favorable review for it. While most of the customers think that the products are extremely convenient to use and have a great pricing, there are some reviews that are not so satisfactory. Customers feel that due to the unavailability of any handle or leverage, refilling the filter is a problem and often becomes too troublesome. But this aside, most of them are positive and talk about the great product ranges and designs.

Brita Brita Water Filter SKU UPC Model
Love it, Love it, Love it
Mar 13, 2013 by Debra K. Howard

I have been a BRITA owner for years and I love the new sleek design of the BRITA Marina pitcher. I would highly recommend purchasing this product. At last a pitcher you can pour from while water is still filtering without any spillage of unfiltered to filtered water...yay

Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher
Mar 13, 2013 by SJW

Brita's Atlantis water filter pitcher was a great buy. Our refrigerator doesn't have a water dispenser, so no filter.

This is better anyway because the water gets filtered and I can use it in the coffee machine and anything else with ease.

I might be crazy but the water does taste better and we now all drink much more water.

5.0 5.0 2 2 I have been a BRITA owner for years and I love the new sleek design of the BRITA Marina pitcher. I would highly recommend purchasing this product. At last a pitcher you can pour fr Brita Water Filter

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Points to Remember before Buying

BRITA Marella XL JugThere are certain things to know before buying the Brita water filter. One must ensure that prior to buying a specific product; they get to know everything about it: its uses, functions, price and more. Since there are ample of designs available, choosing a great product would not be a problem.This apart, in case the product is damaged or has any other kind of deficiency, one must immediately contact the dealer to replace it. A manual guide is available free of cost that can be ordered from the official Brita website. One can read about the various products and then select one that serves their purpose well enough.

Asides from this, certain things that will come handy at the time of buying the products is to know about the payment methods, whether one can pay from credit card or cash or delivery is available, number of shipping days, guarantee, valid bill is available or not and others.


Overall the product ranges offered by Brita water filters is outstanding. It is recommended that these water filters are convenient and easy to use and hence should be given a onetime try. While the taste, preference and budget of people do not match with one another, but still when we talk about water filters, we tend to focus on the quality of the product, and Brita gives us just that! Go for one today.

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  • Ericna Ulri

    Even though we do have a water filter (under the sink model), it is only for one faucet. I am thinking that it would still be nice to have a few other filtering options, such as filtered water pitchers. I’ve never tried Brita before, but they sound dependable and affordable.

  • Misseri G.

    I love the stainless steel water filter pitcher. Stainless would last a lifetime, basically! I am impressed that Brita has been around since 1966. To me, that says they are reliable and have quality products, or they would not still be in business.

  • L.R. Martin

    Buying an item like a water filter pitcher is still a lot cheaper and less wasteful of our resources in the long run, than buying bottled water to drink every day.

  • Alaina Smithsonia

    Does Brita offer a water bottle with a filter? When I’m away from home with my water bottle, sometimes I need to refill my water at a public fountain. The water from a fountain is some of the worst tasting water I ever drank! I’d love to be able to filter it on the go!

  • P Philips

    I intend to spend as little time indoors as possible this summer, and much of my time I spend outdoors camping. Where I camp there is tap water available, supposed to be from a natural spring. I’d be more comfortable filtering it, just in case, and Brita is a brand I trust.